Flags of Africa

An Alphabetical list of all the Flags and Capital Cities of the African Continent. Click on the flags below to find out more details about each country and flag.

For more information including Population, Area, Currency and Country Shape see our guide books: Flags & Countries of The World or Flags & Countries of The World Pocket Reference Guide

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Capital: Algiers
Flag of AlgeriaLiberia
Capital: Monrovia
Flag of Liberia
Capital: Luanda
Flag of AngolaLibya
Capital: Tripoli
Flag of Libya
Capital: Porto-Novo
Flag of BeninMadagascar
Capital: Antananarivo
Flag of Madagascar
Capital: Gaborone
Flag of BotswanaMalawi
Capital: Lilongwe
Flag of Malawi
Burkina Faso
Capital: Ouagadougou
Flag of Burkina FasoMali
Capital: Bamako
Flag of Mali
Capital: Gitega/Bujumbura
Flag of BurundiMauritania
Capital: Nouakchott
Flag of Mauritania
Capital: Yaounde
Flag of CameroonMauritius
Capital: Port Louis
Flag of Mauritius
Cape Verde
Capital: Praia
Flag of Cape VerdeMorocco
Capital: Rabat
Flag of Morocco
Central African Republic
Capital: Bangui
Flag of Central African RepublicMozambique
Capital: Maputo
Flag of Mozambique
Capital: N’Djamena
Capital: Windhoek
Flag of Namibia
Capital: Moroni
Flag of ComorosNiger
Capital: Niamey
Flag of Niger
(Democratic Republic of the) Congo
Capital: Kinshasa
Flag of Democratic Republic of the CongoNigeria
Capital: Abuja
Flag of Nigeria
(Republic of the) Congo
Capital: Brazzaville
Flag of Republic of the CongoRwanda
Capital: Kigali
Flag of Rwanda
Capital: Djibouti (City)
Flag of DjiboutiSao Tome and Principe
Capital: São Tomé
Flag of Sao Tome and Principe
Capital: Cairo
Flag of EgyptSenegal
Capital: Dakar
Flag of Senegal
Equatorial Guinea
Capital: Malabo/Ciudad de la Paz
Flag of Equatorial GuineaSeychelles
Capital: Victoria
Flag of Seychelles
Capital: Asmara
Flag of EritreaSierra Leone
Capital: Freetown
Flag of Sierra Leone
Eswatini (Swaziland)
Capital: Mbabane/Lobamba
Flag of EswatiniSomalia
Capital: Mogadishu
Flag of Somalia
Capital: Addis Ababa
Flag of EthiopiaSouth Africa
Capital: Pretoria / Cape Town / Bloemfontein
Flag of South Africa
Capital: Libreville
Flag of GabonSouth Sudan
Capital: Juba
Flag of South Sudan
The Gambia
Capital: Banjul
Flag of GambiaSudan
Capital: Khartoum
Flag of Sudan
Capital: Accra
Flag of GhanaTanzania
Capital: Dodoma
Flag of Tanzania
Capital: Conakry
Flag of GuineaTogo
Capital: Lomé
Flag of Togo
Capital: Bissau
Flag of Guinea BissauTunisia
Capital: Tunis
Flag of Tunisia
Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire)
Capital: Yamoussoukro/Abidjan
Flag of Cote DIvoireUganda
Capital: Kampala
Flag of Uganda
Capital: Nairobi
Flag of KenyaZambia
Capital: Lusaka
Flag of Zambia
Capital: Maseru
Flag of LesothoZimbabwe
Capital: Harare
Flag of Zimbabwe