Middle East Flags

The Middle east is an area comprising of countries in the Eastern Mediterranean region of West Asia, the Arabian Peninsula and some of the countries from the surrounding region. The 16 countries generally recognised as being part of the Middle East along with their flags are listed below. Click though to learn more about each of the nations.

The term “Middle East” was originally coined by the British in the late 19th century. The South Caucasus – Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia were considered at the time part of this region and are sometimes still associated with the Middle East.

Middle Eastern CountryFlagMiddle Eastern CountryFlag
Capital: Manama
Flag of BahrainOman
Capital: Muscat
Flag of Oman
Capital: Cairo
Flag of EgyptPalestine
Capital: Jerusalem (limited recognition)
Flag of Palestine
Capital: Tehran
Flag of IranQatar
Capital: Doha
Flag of Qatar
Capital: Baghdad
Flag of IraqSaudi Arabia
Capital: Riyadh
Flag of Saudi Arabia
Capital: Jerusalem (limited recognition)
Flag of IsraelSyria
Capital: Damascus
Flag of Syria
Capital: Amman
Flag of JordanTurkey
Capital: Ankara
Flag of Turkey
Capital: Kuwait City
Flag of KuwaitUnited Arab Emirates
Capital: Abu Dhabi
Flag of United Arab Emirates
Capital: Beirut
Flag of LebanonYemen
Capital: Sanaa
Flag of Yemen

Geographically, the Middle East features a variety of landscapes including vast deserts to fertile valleys. The region is known for its arid climate with extreme heat and limited rainfall. Major rivers, the Nile, Euphrates, and Tigris have supported human settlements here for thousands of years which played an important role in the development of early agriculture and urbanization.

A culturally diverse area with many languages spoken including Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hebrew, and Kurdish. It is also the birthplace of major religions such as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, all of which have influenced its culture.

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