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World Flags Pocket Guide 2023

Flagbook is a site dedicated to world flags and geography from three over eight learning.

Learn about the flags from every country and continent of the world. See all the flags of Africa, Asia, Antarctica, North America, South America, Oceania and Australasia and Europe. You can also find out about the flags of the fifty states of the USA and the flags of the United Kingdom.

You can find out all about the largest islands in the world here.

If you are interested in Nautical International Code of Signals (ICS) flags we have a alphabetical and numerical list detailing the meanings of each flag here.

Flags of the United States of America

Currently we have four books available to buy now from Amazon as a paperback or on kindle format:

Flags and Countries of the World, Flags and Countries of the World (Pocket Guide), Fifty States of the U.S.A. Flags & Facts and Nautical Flag Alphabet.

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