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Learn about the flags from every country and continent of the world. See all the flags of Africa, Asia, Antarctica, North America, South America, Oceania and Australasia and Europe.

You can also find out about the flags of the fifty states of the USA, the flags of the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth of Nations, Middle East and see all the flags with eagles on them!. Find out about the The Top 10 Oldest National Flags.

We now have a Complete guide available to buy now. Learn Flags From Around The World, with Map, Population, Area, Currency & Capital City for every country.

Discover the world of flags with our ultimate guide! This illustrated reference book features over 300 flags and is ideal for students, history buffs, and anybody who enjoys geography. This book is the perfect source for anyone interested in learning about these significant national emblems as it contains flags from all corners of the world.

This thorough book is the ideal resource for both curious minds and frequent travellers because it offers useful information about each country’s area, population, currency, and capital city. The flags are conveniently referenced at the back of the book and are arranged alphabetically by continent for ease of use.

Pocket Flags book 2024

Currently we have five books available to buy now from Amazon as a paperback or on kindle format:

Flags of the World and their Countries, Flags and Countries of the World, Flags and Countries of the World (Pocket Guide), Fifty States of the U.S.A. Flags & Facts and Nautical Flag Alphabet.

We have a range of guides to cities of the world including the top attractions in each location

We have pages of information about the geography of the world, you can find out all about the largest islands in the world here.

Flags of the United States of America 2024

If you are interested in Nautical International Code of Signals (ICS) flags we have a alphabetical and numerical list detailing the meanings of each flag here.

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