Which countries have eagles on their flags?

A powerful symbol used to represent bravery, strength, and freedom, for this reason many countries display this bird of prey on their flags. Many other countries around the world also include the majestic bird in their coat of arms.

These are the countries and national territories have an eagle depicted on their flag, listed in adoption date order. Watch this video to find out which countries have eagles on their flags.

Note that some countries feature an eagle on their alternate state flags where their main one does not, these are not included in the countdown. One other national flag includes a bird which is almost certainly an eagle! Watch until the end of this video where we will reveal these.

Country/ TerritoryFlagCountryFlag
Capital: Tirana
Flag of AlbaniaEgypt
Capital: Cairo
Flag of Egypt
U.S. Virgin IslandsUS Virgin IslandsMoldova
Capital: Chișinău
Flag of Moldova
American Samoa
American SamoaKazakhstan
Capital: Astana
Flag of Kazakhstan
Capital: Lusaka
Flag of ZambiaMontenegro
Capital: Podgorica
Flag of Montenegro
Capital: Mexico City
Flag of MexicoSerbia
Capital: Belgrade
Flag of Serbia
Flag of Zimbabwe

There are also several more Eagle flags, the national flag of Zimbabwe features a statuette of a Zimbabwe bird, a national emblem which probably represents a Bateleur eagle or African fish eagle. it is also on the state flags of: Austria, Germany and Poland.

It also appears in these U.S. State flags…

U.S. StateFlagU.S. StateFlag
Capital: Springfield
Flag of IllinoisNorth Dakota
Capital: Bismarck
North Dakota United States of America Flag
Capital: Des Moines
Iowa United States of America FlagOregon
Capital: Salem
Oregon United States of America Flag

Capital: Lansing
Michigan United States of America FlagPennsylvania
Capital: Harrisburg
Pennsylvania United States of America Flag
Capital: Jefferson City
Missouri United States of America FlagUtah (1913-2024)
Capital: Salt Lake City
Utah United States of America Flag
New York
Capital: Albany
New York United States of America FlagWyoming
Capital: Cheyenne
Wyoming United States of America Flag