Nautical Flag Alphabet

ICS Nautical Flags Codes and Signals Alphabet

A colorful pocket visual guide that contains an alphanumeric list of all of the International code of signals Flags (ICS) to help adults or children learn about nautical flags & Morse Code and the NATO phonetic alphabet.

Commonly seen dressing ships on special occasions, signal flags are used internationally to signal between two ships or between ship and shore. A set should be carried by every well-equipped boat. It is important for sailors and boaters to understand these flags and their meanings. Each letter of the alphabet has a different ICS message associated. Flags can also be used to spell out words individually.

A useful reference guide to keep aboard maritime boats, yachts and other vessels. It would make a great gift for any boater who owns a sailboat, motorboat, trawler or cabin cruiser. Its visual format would also make it a great learning tool for any children with an interest in sailing, boating, marine life or flags and codes in general.

This handy reference contains:

  • Alphabet Flags (A-Z Of Nautical Flags)
  • Substitutes (Sometimes Known As Repeaters)
  • Numeral Pennants (0-9)
  • Two-Flag Codes (Common 2-Flag Codes)
  • Weather Warning Signals
  • Nato Flags
  • Flag Etiquette
  • Quick Reference (All The Flags At A Glance)
  • Notes (A Blank Page For Notes, Telephone Numbers Or Suppliers)

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