Flags & Countries of the World

World Flags Book

Learn Flags From Around The World, with this Illustrated Guide including Population, Area, Currency & Capital City For Each Country. The perfect handbook for anyone with a curious mind who wants to learn about Flags & Countries of the world! This book contains full color illustrations of over 200 flags from around the world. Suitable for all ages for school or home reference.

Designed with ease of use in mind, flags are listed alphabetically by continent and also indexed at the back of the book with clickable links for you to find the country you are looking for quickly and easily. It also includes details of Capital Cities, Population, Area, Currencies and the shape of each country.

For any adult or child who is interested in world geography and travel, it is fully up to date using the latest available data. (January 2022)

This handy reference contains:

  • Flags of all independent countries of the world, listed alphabetically by continent
  • Unofficial Flags of Antarctica
  • Shapes of every country
  • Flags of all US States
  • Flags of the four nations of the UK: England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland
  • World Maps of North & South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania & Australia
  • Capital Cities, Population, Area, Currencies for each country
  • Population, Area and Most Spoken Languages for each continent

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