Flag of Montenegro

flag of montenegro

Застава Црне Горе, Zastava Crne Gore

Montenegro (Crna Gora) (Црна Гора) meaning ‘Black Mountain’ is a country located in the Balkan region of Southeastern Europe. It shares borders with Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania and Croatia. Its official language is Montenegrin. The capital and largest city is Podgorica.

The Montenegrin flag consists of a red field with a gold border. The Montenegro coat of arms is featured centrally on the design. It was officially adopted in 2004 and it is based on a flag that was used during the reign of King Nicola I, ruler of Montenegro from 1860 to 1918.

Capital CityArea (World Ranking)2022 Population (World Ranking)CurrencyFlag Ratio (Decimal)Adopted
Podgorica13,812 km² / 5,333 mi²
1:2 (0.5)2004

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