Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zastava Bosne i Hercegovine, застава Босне и Херцеговине

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosna i Hercegovina) (Босна и Херцеговина) is a country located in the Balkan region of Southeast Europe. It shares borders with Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia. Its official languages are Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian. The capital and largest city is Sarajevo.

Using colors associated with Bosnian culture and history, the flag has a vertical blue band on the right-hand side. The central part has a yellow right triangle with seven five pointed and two half white stars running along the hypotenuse. The rest of the flag is blue. It was adopted in February 1998.

Capital CityArea (World Ranking)2022 Population (World Ranking)CurrencyFlag Ratio (Decimal)Adopted
Sarajevo51,197 km² / 19,767 mi²
Convertible mark
1:2 (0.5)1998

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