Flag of Peru

Flag of Peru

Peru, officially known as the Republic of Peru, is a country located in South America. It shares land borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and the Pacific Ocean. The official language is Spanish. The capital and largest city is Lima.

The design of the flag of Peru is a vertical equal triband of red outer bands and a white middle band. A version with the coat of arms at the center was adopted in February 1825, this was removed for the current version in March 1950.

Capital CityArea (World Ranking)2023 Population (World Ranking)CurrencyFlag Ratio (Decimal)Adopted
Lima496,225 km² / 191,583 mi²
2:3 (1.5)1950

The national anthem of Peru is “Himno Nacional del Perú” (National Anthem of Peru).

Where is Peru on a map of South America?

Where is Peru on Map

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