Flag of Czech Republic (Czechia)

Flag of Czechia

Státní vlajka České republiky, vlajka Česka, česká vlajka

The Czech Republic (Česká republika) also known as Czechia is a country in Central Europe. It shares borders with Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. Its official language is Czech. The capital and largest city is Prague.

Featuring the same design as the former Czechoslovakia, the flag of Czech Republic was adopted upon dissolution in January 1993. The flag consists of two equal horizontal bands of white and red with a blue isosceles triangle on the left hand hoist side.

Capital CityArea (World Ranking)2023 Population (World Ranking)CurrencyFlag Ratio (Decimal)Adopted
Prague78,870 km² / 30,450 mi²
Czech koruna
2:3 (1.5)1993

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