Flag of Washington, D.C.

Flag of the District of Columbia

D.C., The District

Washington, D.C. is the capital of the United States of America, located on the East Coast. It is an independent federal district and is not part of any state. The district is bordered by the states of Maryland to the northeast and Virginia to the southeast.

The flag of Washington, D.C. consists of three horizontal bars of equal width. The top and bottom bars are red, and the middle bar is white. Centered on the white bar is the district’s coat of arms, which features a shield with three red stars above two horizontal red bars. Above the shield is a red banner with the district’s motto, “Justitia Omnibus” (Justice for All).

Anthem/Song: “Washington” “Our Nation’s Capital” (march

Motto: “Justitia Omnibus” (Justice for All)

PopulationAreaFlag Adopted
Approximately 700,00068.34 square milesOctober 15, 1938

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