Flag of Antarctica

Antarctica Graham Bartram Flag

The continent of Antarctica does not have an official flag, however over the years several designs have been proposed and used to represent the continent. Among them have been a plain white map of the continent on a UN blue background which was proposed by Graham Bartram, Chief Vexillologist and Trustee of the Flag Institute.

Whitney Smith Antarctica Flag

Occasionally used was a 1978 proposal by Vexillologist Whitney Smith which features a pair of hands holding a disk representing Earth below a letter “A” representing Antarctica. An orange field was used for visibility.

Flag of Antarctic Treaty

The Antarctic Treaty System adopted an emblem in 2002 which is sometimes used in the form of a flag. Officially this emblem represents the Antarctic Treaty System and not the continent itself.

True South Antarctica Flag

Revealed in 2022, the True South proposal was designed by Evan Townsend in 2018. Although not officially recognized by every country, it has gained popularity and has been adopted by some national antarctic programs, individuals and expedition teams. It has been flown at several research stations in Antarctica and is used in the 2022 marker for the geographic South Pole.

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